Edgecut Tools and Design is an authorized distributor of Dormer Pramet for Coimbatore, Manchester of South India. Edgecut was started in the year 2017 and engaged in the complete supply of tools and technologies for all kinds of metal machining. We also deals with engineering design services and importer of open end textile machinery spares. We are focused to give continuous support and service to our customers by the way of cost reduction, inventory and productivity. Edgecut provides training to the customers to make their work force to update about the technology. Edgecut has a team of engineering professionals who constantly work hard to serve the better quality products to the major manufacturing industries.

Cutting Tools:

The Dormer name is globally recognized as a performance leader in round tools. The program includes HSS, cobalt and carbide drills, taps and end mills delivering high productivity solutions suitable for all production environments. Focused on versatility and flexibility, the brand has been simplifying customers’ cutting tool selection since its inception in 1913.

Solid Drills:

The standard assortment of solid drills covers all basic drilling areas. Besides the usual tools, there are also step drills under threads, which drill a hole including chamfering. There is a set of chamfers with different angles of points for chamfering. We offer a wide range of solid drilling tools in High Speed Steel (HSS), High Speed Cobalt (M35/M42) and Solid Carbide (HM) under the Dormer brand with length options to suit drilling depths up to 20xD, ranging from stub (short), jobber (standard), long series and extra length. and styles to suit almost every rotary hole-making application.

Solid Milling Cutters:

We provide a versatile program of rotary milling cutters under the Dormer brand covering almost every engineering material and application. Within the range we offer five basic types of shank cutters in High Speed Steel (HSS), High Speed Cobalt (HSS-E & HSS-E PM) and Solid Carbide (HM) to cover a variety of milling operations by Four-flute / multi-flute end mills, Ball nosed cutters and Roughing end mills. Additional cutter types available include T-slot cutters, woodruff cutters, dovetail cutters and corner rounding cutters. We also offer Carbide Thread Milling Cutters to support thread production with a milling operation.


Dormer's threading range supports by Straight Flute Taps, Spiral Point Taps, Spiral Flute Taps and Forming Taps primary tap geometries and tapping processes. Additional types available include interrupted thread taps, serial taps, nut taps, combination drill-taps and wire insert taps.

Carbide burrs:

We offer a wide assortment of carbide burrs as part of the Dormer rotary tooling program. Our range covers a variety of applications and materials, including hardened steel, non-ferrous materials and plastics.

For more than 60 years, the Pramet brand has offered a world class range of indexable cutting tools which deliver quality and versatility across a wide range of hole-making, milling and turning applications.


Our indexable turning tools cover a wide range of operations including general turning (external and internal), parting-off, grooving and threading, as well as heavy turning. Our offer features MT-CVD and PVD coated inserts as well as ceramic, cermet, CBN and Diamond grades


Our indexable milling range features a choice of grades including MT-CVD and PVD coated, with multiple geometries for finishing, roughing and universal applications. The solid milling program includes a wide selection of designs, lengths and coatings to support all common applications, from roughing to finishing and everything in-between.


Pramet offers tools for turning of external and internal threads and indexable cutting inserts with full profile for M, W, RD, API, TR, UN and ACME threads. The offer is completed with inserts with partial profile for 60° threads. We provide other alternatives such as thread profile, insert design or grade in the form of a special product.

Hole Making:

The assortment of drilling with indexable drills offers tools in a wide selection of diameters for drilling depth from 2D to 5D. The drills can be used as a rotary or stationary tool. The drills are single edge and may also work outside axis. It is possible to adjust dimension of the drilled hole within -0.2 to +0.5 mm using an off centred tool. The drills work without problems even under unstable conditions of interrupted cut.

Tooling Systems:

Strong clamping base is precision machining, we offer this to you through tooling systems, adapters and needed accessories. In our assortment you can find shell mill holders face and disc milling cutters, modular system or Weldon holders. We offer also hydraulic chucks, collet chucks, shrinkfit holders and many more HSK, DIN and JIS holders.

Open End Textile Spares:

Imported Open End Spares:

We are specialized in importing machinery spares for BD, SN, RN, BT machines etc. The product ranges from; • PLC Rotor Complete Assembly • Resilient Mountings • Opening Roller Complete Assembly. • Inserts • Separators, etc.

Opening Roller Reclothing:

We provide opening roller reclothing services for BD, SN, RN and BT machines with new technology machines. The Opening roller is reclothed, when the wire of the roll gets worned out. The reclothing is done by the Truetzschler wire. The Reclothing can be done 1-3 times based on the usage of the customer. We also recloth with the coating process for which we have a specialized unit. Advantages: • Perfect balancing. • Less maintenance, longer service life. • Superior opening results, better trash and Micro dust removal.

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